In the last twenty  years a major change took place in the Music Industry.
The Music Industry with these enormous changes demands much more from the beginning Musician. The artist of today is expected to produce their own productions, and should be radio ready.

I am a producer specializing in Artists. As you well know, the technical side of artists management has become of major importance to the young artist. I present myself to you as someone you can use for your recording and publicity purposes.

Artists have needs for demos, full recordings and above all, a website to represent them to the world in a timely fashion. I have all the necessary sound equipment, cameras and web tools.

I have worked with professionals from the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Covent Garden, Opera Comique, young artists from The Juilliard school and the Manhattan School of music., Broadway musicians, Chamber music artists from England , Germany and France. Also in another genre my experience with Jazz musicians from Europe, Africa and the USA, Rock and Hip Hop musicians from France, Austria and Great Britain round out my musical experience.

Speaking four languages fluently helps me to adapt well to artistic needs.

I am offering these services, and if you are interested I would be happy to meet you and share my ideas with you. I move around in the world of music.